love this photo with turquoise water & crunchy leaves by kdotmart. missing the blue water and reflections as the weather here is turning cold. here's to embracing fall & winter!!!!!

yumyum mulberries

we had tons of these fall in our yard a few weeks ago. the mulberry tree growing in the yard behind us hangs over into our yard too. SCORE!!! i was really excited to pick a bowl full for them, so much so, that i got the ladder out to pick some from the higher branches. AND, i'm afraid of heights. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! boden loved them but L not so much. he happily ate her portion and then some. i love picking fresh fruit with the kids. we have a lemon tree, a loquat tree, a satsuma orange tree, and now these delicious mulberries growing in our yard. well, technically the mulberries are in our neighbors yard but we get to reap the benefits :) and soon when we get chickens they will be so happy to eat them too as their coup will be right under those branches. i would love to get a peach, pear and a fig tree going and maybe strawberries and blueberries to. yumyum!!!!  

been pinnin'


pinterest.jpg  pinterest2.jpg

i am giddy for pinterest. what a fun way to catalog what you like, get inspired, and learn about rad stuff floating about the internet.. i kept seeing pinterest on several blogs i read, but, quite frankly, i always feel a bit shy on the social media front, so i was sure pinterest was something to "fear" as well, ha! boy was i mistaken! if you haven't tried pinterest give it a whirl. it's pretty fun and quite addictive. if ya wanna share in the love you can follow my pins here. OR i think you can just search my name. enjoy!!


skeleton clutch by bad fruit


i've been wanting to post this rad clutch by my friend trisha allen of badfruit.

she makes killer purses, clutches, suitcases and pouches by pairing repurposed quirky toys with their destined purse, or the like.  i am lucky girl to have two of her awesome wearables. you can contact her via etsy for your own!! FUN FUN!!!!