a few tattoos i think are REAL nice....




i don't have the source for these as i found them cleaning off my desktop......if you happen to know where they came from lemme now and i'm happy to post it here.

the last image is from the shop of lilian asterfield, boston artist. check out her amazing repurposed neck tie wares in her shop.



new favorite plant...the chenille plant. we got one of these for chris' mom recently and i've been thinking about getting one to hang outside the studio. i love the colorful chenille cat-like tails that grow and frolic in the breeze.  if you happen to get one for yourself just keep them out of reach from your pets. the blooms are poisonous to dogs.

alive for now


my heart skipped a beat when i saw this image. this piece is breathtakingly beautiful & sad...and mesmerizing. i can't imagine the emotion if i were standing next to this sculpture. i fell in love with it even more when reading the description below by sabrina gschwandtner.

"Then there was Keith W. Bentley’s “Cauda Equina,” a small, shaggy sculpture of a horse. I stared at the little pony for a while, trying to pinpoint what made his presence so endearing yet inaccessible. I realized that the pony’s eyes were covered by hair, a veil that denied me the connection I sought. Wall text revealed that the work was based on Victorian-era funeral etiquette, which required widows to wear black for eighteen months. The piece mourns the death of over two hundred and fifty horses slaughtered in processing plants; the hairs from each horse were hand-knotted onto fabric and then fitted over a taxidermy form. The fact that this sculptural animal was created as a stand-in for others’ deaths gave it an otherworldly presence."

click link below to see more work in the exhibition

found via etsy: "alive for now" by  Sabrina Gschwandtner

the dead or alive exhibit is at the museum of arts and design in new york, on view until october 24, 3010.

the great tomato


i am sad to say that we have not been privi to picking our own home grown tomatoes this year. we haven't had any, not a one from our 10 + plants! we normally have a bumper crop, so much so, that we always roast and freeze them away for a summer time dish in the winter.  i think they are suffering from heat stroke like the rest of us. although, the mornings and evening are beginning to become quite pleasant again here in austin so i am hopeful to find some of these red gems appear come fall. so, if any of you out there are enjoying some home-grown and hand picked tomatoes this year have one for me!!

this image is from a really wonderful farm food blog called brooklyn farm.  enjoy!

found via blog roll of thoughtful day  via cup of jo.

bubble bowl


wonderful vintage white bubble bowl found on jawaddel

i saw one of these in jadeite a couple weeks ago at a fantastic antique store in belleville, illinois called keihl's. i would be happy to fill it with lemon.

graham cracker layer...


i found a new great foodie blog called seven spoons.  this yummy cake is made of fruit, whipped cream and graham crackers which made me immediatly think of a dessert my grandma fisher makes with pudding and graham crackers that i so love.  yum!!!

found via cup of jo

wee chicks...

easter.jpg   easter2.jpg


last sunday morning chris and woke up to a pink chick infestation....SOOO Sweet!!!  we have a sneaking suspicion as to who the secret bunny was but they won't give =)   thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing the love with these wee little pink chicks.......what a fabulous surprise.  these little chickees make our day everytime we leave the house. we probably have 30 of them all over our front porch.  nothing like a little pink to brighten your (my) day!!!  i think they are multiplying =)