thoughts about my work................my work is created with oxidized silver, mineral stones, delica seed beads, found and recycled objects. many things i think are useful can be found on the ground, in the kitchen junk drawer, and also at the local thrift store. these found materials can be anything from seeds, shells, fragments of found plastic, a mass of dryer lint, and even those squishy rubber grapes from grandma’s attic. monochromatic colors, diverse surface textures, and repetition are commonly used to create a graceful and soothing unity among varying objects. the initial construction of each piece begins with traditional silversmith techniques. these techniques consist of forming, soldering, and sanding the silver. one of the last steps in manipulating the metal is texture. i use files, letter stamps, and the hammer to create a layered surface. some surfaces are then finished with techniques more closely associated with textiles. the surface can be that of sewn glass beads, crocheted wire or needle felting. by using these ordinary materials with more revered mineral stones i encourage the viewer to reconsider their definition of beauty. which material is more beautiful? is it the precious opal or the mass of dryer lint?


Please make a mindful decision when purchasing. All orders in my shop are all sales final, custom orders including wedding/engagement rings, deposits and final payments are non-refundable.

Showing at the Cherrywood Art Fair in 2013.


This is my soldering station on the left a portion of my work bench where I do all the stone sorting and arranging, filing, sanding, sawing and fine tuning the metal along with the stone setting. 


This is my small studio. I was kicked out of the spare bedroom when my daughter was born :) 


This is what my bench looks like all cleaned up and organized.  

Another view of my bench in varying degrees of organized chaos.