cottonwood art fest 2015

last weekend I participated in the cottonwood art fest. you were so good to me, cottonwood. it was a rough go getting there (rush hour at 3pm on a friday in atx...bad departure time :/) but all in all  around a growing experience. it was my first time to be away from Boden overnight. whewwww!!!! it was so hard to leave but was much needed and so good for my heart and soul. i was the most comfortable in my booth of all the times i've shown my work. my good friends mark and carol were my booth neighbors and we roomed together. i really could not have had a better time. i hope to be back in the spring and fall. i met this incredible glass artists, carol martin, who makes these luscious and wonderful cast glass bracelets.


this black and white one was my favorite but it was just a smidge too small and the green rectangle one was a little too big :/ she said she could make me an in between size :) SOOO it's on the list!!!