i having been doing research on essential oils. i just came across this brand of oils and then the other day our midwife gave me some essential oil to try to help me get rid of my current suffering with the high levels of mold here in austin. uggggg!!!! BUT, it was the same company....what???? i took that as a sign to order some to give em a try since her oil sample was so helpful to me. i am excited to get them. have you ever tried doterra oils. they have pretty amazing healing properties and are really high quality. i'm gonna give em a whirl.

15 months

lucy plum is 15 months old. so very hard to believe!! i'm a lucky gal to be her mama. a few of her favorite things these days... repeating most of our words, RUNning everywhere, going up and down stairs, doodling on paper, playing in the dogs water bowl, "using" her keys, carrying shoes around, you know all the really clean germ free stuff :O) AND, she calls her pacifier PATCHY, come on!!!!


cage pod earrings with fossilized termite drusy

NEW small cage pod earrings: sterling and fossilized termite drusy

i'm loving these new cage pod earrings. modern and unique.....AND kinetic. doesn't get any better. no?

these are a custom order but i'm psyched to add these to my line. i have other gems to contain: apophylite, quartz, texas topaz, black tourmaline, raw garnet....icy greens, blues, deep reds, black and don't forget the infamous fossilized termite.

olivia hunsaker

my awesome niece, well, i have two awesome niece's, but the oldest olivia just opened up an etsy shop. she is quite an artist and maker at heart. what a little entrepreneur. i am so proud of her. olivia will be 10 at the end of the month. wow!! where has the time gone!! go here to see her charming earrings. she's making me a custom pair in all black and i can't wait to sport them.


last night chris took me to the austin city limits taping of tune-yards for a post mother's day date. my all time super favorite!! merrill garbo, the driving talent and genius of tune-yards appeared on stage with a poppy red dress, high waisted belt and killer green tights. umm, i already loved her, but for real!!!!! i was so overwhelmed with excitement and awe when she began rippin' it with GaNgsTa i shed a couple tears. with her refreshing drum loops and layered voice she doesn't disappoint. what an amazing night :O)

chris and i saw her for the first time at sxsw in 2008 in the backyard of okay mountain with about 30 other people. i was super psyched to be surrounded by a packed house of adoring fans. her music is nothing shy of genius. she's so deserving. we love you merrill.

a few tune-yards faves: gangsta, hatari, jamaican, fiya, bizness.