yumyum mulberries

we had tons of these fall in our yard a few weeks ago. the mulberry tree growing in the yard behind us hangs over into our yard too. SCORE!!! i was really excited to pick a bowl full for them, so much so, that i got the ladder out to pick some from the higher branches. AND, i'm afraid of heights. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! boden loved them but L not so much. he happily ate her portion and then some. i love picking fresh fruit with the kids. we have a lemon tree, a loquat tree, a satsuma orange tree, and now these delicious mulberries growing in our yard. well, technically the mulberries are in our neighbors yard but we get to reap the benefits :) and soon when we get chickens they will be so happy to eat them too as their coup will be right under those branches. i would love to get a peach, pear and a fig tree going and maybe strawberries and blueberries to. yumyum!!!!