hey cupcake....

location.jpg hey cupcaaaaaaake?  hey cupcaaaaaake?  this cute , sweet, charming little place has been calling me in my dreams.  all things i love are here.

oversized sculpture of edible something....aka...cupcake (check)

sweet goodness (check)

offers vegan options (check)

airstream (double check)

....i didn't get the vegan option since i already decided i was going to be bad and i couldn't pass up the carrot cream cheese cupcake.  i already had pizza for lunch so i just made a "bad" day of it.  then i had to come home and sleep it off.  that's the way it works, right!  eat crap, feel crap!!!  but....oh, the sweet  joy along the way was pretty damn good.  that's what sweatin' bullets at the 12 o'clock tomorrow yoga is for.