happy halloween



halloween is my favorite holiday.  i'm not sure if it's all the sweet little ones that dress up, the official fall like nature of the crispy cool evenings, the fun filled festive halloween parties or all the beautiful pumpkins that surround the holiday that i find so appealing....i guess it's all of those things that i love about this orange and black holiday.  i hope you all enjoy halloween as much as i do.

dressing up as a rubix cube is probably my favorite halloween costume ever.  if i find the picture of me and my sister i will post it.  i think i was probably 5 0r 6.  my favorite house to visit on halloween was a corner house on 2nd street, just a block over from our house.  the little old women that lived there would have her house totally decked out in halloween goods and she would give out home-made popcorn balls....still a favorite of mine today.  the best things was after halloween she wouldn't take many decorations down but would just add the christmas decorations in and it would stay that way most of the year.  :O)

don't you love the carved squash above from martha's site.

hope you have a candy filled ghost & goblin day.  happy halloween, i'm off to go get the remaining details of my costume for this evening.