i love the idea of creating a necklace or ring using teeth or just one tooth from maybe a loved one like your witty and charming five year old, a found animal tooth, or from your special furry friend. i have been making jewelry out of found, random and peculiar things since i started making jewelry about 10 years ago. i don't think teeth would be to much of a stretch.  i have used dryer lint, animal fur, rubber grapes, construction paper, moss, antler, plastic from doll shoes, bouncy balls, melmac, just to name a few.  i have some teeth of nemo's that i have been finding about the house lately which has renewed my inspiration for teeth in jewelry.

any takers for a bizarre and sweetly sentimental piece of jewelry.... any brave and slightly twisted characters out there up for the challenge?? lemme know.....

image found here by minor 9t