do you love me?


this article is thought provoking and inspiring whether you practice bikram yoga or not....

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"There you stand before it, almost naked, every one of your flaws on display: every fold, every wrinkle, every scar, every layer of excess skin, every hairy mole. And for 90 minutes the mirror continuously asks, do you love me?  You can’t hide from this question, not in that 90 minutes (or really anywhere else for that matter).

Out in the world when you may be able to distract yourself with the plethora of mind altering alternatives (and they don’t have to be drugs) that exist; you can ignore, temporarily, the incessant inquiry that is continuously asked by your Spirit.  However, in the yoga room where there is nothing but yourself and the mirror for 90 minutes, even ignoring the question is answering it.  Averting your eyes, or looking at the pretty girl behind you, or staring at the floor is just a way of saying, “no, I do not.

photo credit: PCT