round top

one of my favorite events of the fall is round top antique and flea market halfway between austin and houston.  my folks typically come to town to visit and we all head to the best flea market around.  it's everything from grandma's attic goods and not-so-goods to high end antiques...there is pretty much something for everyone.  i love that my mom and dad come for this fun filled adventure.  my mom will look for vintage toys, quilts, or new additions to her flamingo collection.  chris will be on the prowl for pink rose of sharon depression glass for his mom and fine pottery pieces for himself plus whatever the rest of us are looking for.  my dad is interested in anything cowboy, leather or western related including books....when he finds his way into a book collection it's pretty tough to get him out.  my dad, is a looker....that's where i get my "i want to look, touch and read everything that comes in my view" approach.  as for my interests, well, they cover a fairly broad spectrum and include things like vintage linens and glassware, to vintage beads, glass & sequins, to vintage furniture, most old things that are pink, things with good texture, old dollhouse goods, and so much more. since chris and i have pretty much filled our house up with vintage or seconds furniture that pretty much leaves room for adventure to be all about items i can use in my work, the "vintage beads, glass & sequins, random plastic toys that can be cut and shaped.  i can pretty much go to just one little white house and spend all day there just digging and searching for the right textured and solid colored glass and plastic specimens for my work.  but, this time i decided to go there last just so i could enjoy the rest of the show as well.  did i mention my mom and dad are here with me too, yeah!!! :O) here's a few highlights from our all day extravaganza at roundtop....


the nicest fella from colorado runs this "coffee bug" and he serves up a fine glass of iced we can keep up maximum shopping stamina :O)


christmas, NO, vintage christmas, HELL YES!!!  this was the first booth i walked into as opposed to just glancing while walking past.  she had such a delightful assortment of vintage christmas goodies.  the collection was sweet and soothing and not strictly red and green which i loved  :O)


i couldn't resist these sweet little baby shoes.


some of my treaures:  some red bakelite buttons, a creme textured button, some gray/black found pebbles, an old peachy velvet powder puff, vintage photo that came with the old jewelry box, and an old velvet ring box.....i wish i had a whole collection of little vintage/antique ring boxes.  i have always liked small spaces & boxes, i use some of these shapes as well as shapes from vintage salt and pepper shakers as inspiration for my beaded boxes.


these were a steal.... i love vintage salt and pepper shakers, they are grouped amongst my affection for small containers that come open :O)


another vintage pink jewelry box with really awesome flip out sides to hold rings....the box was a sure pleaser!!! also a few old plastic curlers for a possible bracelet idea, some random shells, a found balloon, (did i mention i have a thing for found balloons), some single clip earrings with great plastic cabs. & a few empty matchbooks.


a new discovery in the little white house, vintage sequins from france.......can't wait to come up with some designs for this lil' babies


a real highlight was hanging out with these cute great dane puppies....if they didn't get 200 lb + i think we would have been bringing home a new baby.  the one on the left with the pink and blue eye was pretty fond of chris and i.  he was pretty irresistible!!! but would have destroyed our's small and filled with a lot of breakable things.  i think brinkley would have loved him, though.  at just 7 weeks old they were already about 40 lbs. twice the size of brinkley.

more pics. to come.....