snowman.jpg my nieces olivia and meagan are artists too....they opted for the snowman!!!

i loved making a snowman when i was younger, but i always cried when the snow would get between my coat and gloves.  makes me cringe just thinking about it.  i think many would agree that in the grand scheme of things snow up the sleeve is no big deal nor is something like a paper cut, but apparently as told by my mom and dad i thought a paper cut was the end all be all when i was just a tyke.  i would cry and cry and eventually forget about it.  until of course i looked at it again, yep, more tears!!  i would like to think that i have grown out of my fear of paper cuts...but i still wouldn't like the snow up my sleeve.  i love the sun and warmth and not so much on loving the cold or freezing weather.  anyway,  my favorite part of the snowman was using the carrot for the nose. i guess i loved orange even back in the day.