i lost my hat in san francisco...

trillium-artisans-pink-hat.jpg trillium artisans


chia guillory


in search of the perfect replacement hat for my "lost" black hat with white polka dots...i must show a new favorite and an old favorite.  the pink one is by a organization called trillium artisans out of portland. they have all sorts of lovely handmade things...i love the lawn chair pouches. the second picture is of my all time fave black faux fur hat by chia guillory of chia hats here in austin.

the last image is of my favorite summer hat that i wore all the time.  recently, i took it to california with me and i think it fell out of my bag on the plane in san francisco.  it's made by the company called san diego hat company.  if you happen to find one....please, please let me know.  yes, there will be something in it for you :O) heehee!!

i have spent an embarrassing amount of time looking everywhere, both virtually and physically, that i can think of with no such luck. maybe one day i will get lucky at a garage sale or a thrift store and find it....not my original one but a replacement.  i had a dream that i found it at the yoga studio on a heaping pile of lost and found.  big fat goose egg for that one too.......at least when i tell people that would care that i lost my hat, "i lost my hat in san francisco i get a chuckle out of it because i feel like i am singing a song...hat, heart, it's all the same.