dirty laundry

linedry.jpg what to do with that dirty laundry.........wash out those greasy grimey gopher guts and hang it out to dry. i was inspired by my friend marianne when i ran into her a couple weeks ago. she told me that her and her husband had given up using their dryer. i have been thinking about the whole dryer conundrum a lot lately...whether it's really necessary or not....seeing marianne was just the push i needed. line drying clothing is a lost art and with the movement of becoming more and more "green", i hope it is making a come back. marianne said that the energy it takes to dry two loads of laundry is the same amount needed to run your air conditioner in your home for 12 hours. take your pick folks, we can't have it all...give mother nature a break that she deserves.

bonus: i have found the line drying method to be relaxing.....you may too.

one trick i have learned....hang shirts upside down by pinning the bottom edge of the shirt on the line to prevent stretching and noticeable pin marks. the same with cotton pants or as chris likes to call them "quitters". he has always teased me from way back when i would put my comfy pants on in the evening "you, feel like quittin",

another thought.....all the chemicals that are put in our laundry detergent to make our clothes smell good after they are dried in an electric dryer will naturally happen by using the old fashioned method of line drying. are you worried about your skivvies being broadcast all over town. well, your neighbor needs a good thrill too :O)