it's that time of year gopher plant

gopher.jpg drum roll please...............................................the gopher plant.

this is one of my favorite plants we have in our garden.  i am a bit of a nerd and so love this time of year.  i am bubbling over with excitement about planting time.  we just put in a bunch of veggies yesterday.

some faves....of course the tomatoes, which every year i always buy more tomato plants than we actually can fit in our garden.  one day maybe i will have an edible estate for a yard.  oh, and then,  cucumber, jalapeno, red bell pepper, sorrel, nasturtium, basil and thyme; the sorrel and the nasturtium are new finds for me.  they are both really great in salads.  we call the nasturtium pepper circles for there lovely round shape and peppery bite.  i'm still waiting on the purslane which is also an edible green.  i put them in my salad and green smoothies looks really beautiful in a salad with their multi colored blooms and succulent lobie leaves.

i can't wait to dive into the landscape design for the backyard.....we worked on the front yard last spring and it has exploded with babies.  so, we will be able to use a bunch of starts from the front yard in the back.  superdoo!!!

we just painted the back of our fence slate gray.  it will be a beautiful backdrop for some grasses and agave.