black & shiny.diamond ring...



commission piece: 14kt yellow gold with 2.5 mm black diamond

i must confess that typically i am not a fan of yellow gold or shiny metal and therefore never work with it....BuT my friend, katy was interested in a ring such as this and since she is one of my favorite people i thought i would give it a whirl!!! NOW, i must admit that after finishing this ring (AND for the first time giving yellow gold a chance) i am definitely inspired by it.  the burnished shiny yellow surface accented with the black feels so fancy and timeless!! i am unexpectedly loving it....i will be excited to work with this material again if the occasion presents itself. thanks for the inspiration katy. i hope you love it :-)

umm, did i say i just liked something shiny?? yellow gold???...someone please check my temperature!!

off to finish one more fancy ring in the studio today! happy sunday!!