blue candy polyp ring

blue-polyp-ring.jpg blue-and-garnet-polyp-ring.jpg

this yummy, edible looking ring reminds me of the necklaces i used to wear/eat as a kid. you know the kind with the multi colored beads made of candy strung on the elastic chord. you know 'em. you love 'em....well, i did. so the blue ring brings back that memory for me. oh, those were the days to eat candy hand over fist and enjoying every second of it because your to naive to know any better :O i guess we all still have those days once and a when i have a starbucks mocha and a starbucks green tea latte all in the same day just so i can stay up late working. one of the workers at starbucks encouraged me by saying that it's green tea it can't be that bad for you......i responded by saying it's a "latte" which means or at least it tastes like it has tons of sugar in it, but for the sake and necessity of late night studio hours (when i typically work the best.) and he agreed. so yep, i am back on the junk (the starbucks junk, that is). at least i typically make the mocha at home.......anyway more to post....

oh, the garnet ring i made about a month or so ago but i don't think i posted it.