today was a swell day hanging on the couch doing some handi-work and watching a movie. i sewed some little pillows for some "float" pillow earrings. i am loving the brown plastic with the avocado green thread. i decided on the green thread because i have a pair of brown capris that i love to wear with an avocado green polyblend shirt i got at a thrift store. when wearing said outfit i feel like a tree. so these earrings are tree/wardrobe inspired :O) the red pillows i wanted to use a color of thread that was really vibrant. i was feeling the deep red was really fall feeling in color and i wanted to excite it up a bit. that led me on the path to choose the electric reddie color for the thread. i'm feeling their pep!!!! the brown plastic is from a cleaners zip-up garment bag and the red is from an estee lauder bag. yeah, some days i love being productive while sitting on the couch. pillows.jpg