a pillow kinda weekend

this past weekend when we were forecast to get tons of rain from hurricane ike, chris and i rented a handful of movies and hunkered down only to not get any rain at all.  we had a couple sprinkles here and there but nevertheless i watched movies and sewed my heart out.  "little britain" (the series) and "what happens in vegas"  were a highlight, but i must warn you.  i am in no way a movie critic....quite the opposite actually.  i like a movie that is light hearted and will make me laugh...unless it's a documentary on art, then there is a whole other set of criteria, but for a regular ol' movie i want just those two simple things, funny and with enough "sweetie parts" as i like to call them.  for me, movie watching is simple i don't like to be frightened, become sweaty from panic, cry, or feel like i want to take a shower with my toaster after watching a movie.  i figure there is enough out there to elicit such emotions so in movies i walk the happy line. anywho.....some new pillow colors.  the blue is from a beach ball.  i have used it once before but haven't photographed them....i love them because they are shiny and take on a whole different personality by being so......they seem much more like candy to me :O)

and the yummy green is from a blow-up pool turtle toy...yeah!!!!  i love this green.