white pillow choker & orange pillow earrings

puffy-white-adjusted4blog.jpg here is a picture of a couple of my pieces at the xen show. the white pillow choker piece is made of sterling silver, plastic from a childs cribsheet, polyfil, thread and glass beads. the orange pillow earrings were made with sterling silver, plastic from a napa valley tote bag, polyfil, and thread.

unfortunately my husband chris and i didn't make our flight the thursday morning before the show. from wednesday nite to thursday morning chris' cold progressed rapidly. he was suffering with an extreme case of allergy/flu/whatever is going around down here. i was so worried about him that i didn't go either. i called our chinese medicine doctor/acupuncturist/neighbor. i went to get his herbal prescription from the white crane pharmacy here in austin and made this "tea" for him to drink, then went and rented a stack of movies. we were just slugs together.....we made the couch into the fold out bed so we could watch movies and just rest....by the next morning chris was feeling markedly better. YIPPY!!!

i was really looking forward to the opening, seeing friends and family and my brand spankin' new work on display......i guess i will catch you all next time around. thanks to all who went to the opening. my mom went in my place (all my family is from the st. louis area....that is where i grew up). thanks, ma!! we're going to see the show and my family at the end of feburary after i get back from my show in miami.