cake pillow ring

pillow-ring.jpg pictured is a ring i just finished and submitted for one of the SNAG (Society for North American Goldsmiths) conference exhibitions. the show is entitled: The Ring Show: Putting the Band Back Together. this show is in recognition of the "1ST National Ring Show" which began in Athens, Georgia (where the SNAG conference is this year) 30 years ago. The original participants of the National Ring Show are making a new ring to be shown with their original ring.

i would so love to see this show. rings are always my first pick when it comes to jewelry. i'll keep my fingers crossed that my piece is accepted. my instinct was to submit my bunny box ring but that piece is currently at the xen gallery show in st. louis, mo. we'll see what happens!!!

cake pillow ring is made of sterling, plastic from a poncho, polyfil, thread. the title comes from its resemblance to a wedding cake. before i started making jewelry full time i decorated birthday and wedding cakes at a bakery in st. louis. i really miss working in that edible and yummy medium. cupcake anyone??

UPDATE: cupcake for's a celebration.  i just heard back that my cake pillow ring was accepted in "The Ring Show, Putting the Band Back Together" for the SNAG conference.  i was awarded third place as well, Yippy!!!!   they are trying to find another venue for the show that way after the show comes down it will go to another location. i hope that works out.  thanks for your cupcake wishes  ;O)