taste the rainbow

tomatoes.jpg taste this rainbow of garden loving goodness. this image is a couple weeks old......now our poor lil' tomato bushes are pretty dry from all the heat. although, we have had a couple good rain storms over the last few days. oh, how i miss the real rainstorms from the midwest (sigh). although, i am happy that they have subsided a bit up there.....they definitely didn't need anymore rainfall. at least, not where my parents live in southern illinois.

i just wanted to share a photo from our garden bounty. i love the varying shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. i always buy to many plants for our small garden space...oops. we're feeling pretty lucky (as is our bellies) with all these since some of our friends only picked a couple from their plants. it's about time to cut the plants back so we can get our second crop in the late summer. hot damn, tomatoes...yippy!!