chocolate truffle ring & recipe

this new ring looks good enough to eat.  it reminds me of a chocolate truffle in all it's fancy chocolate sprinkle or chocolate ganache lace piped glory.  the chocolate truffle is made out of polymer clay.  i am hoping to set aside some time to make one of these for my collection.  i will soon post it as a listing on my etsy page. chocring41.jpgchocring61.jpgchocring21.jpg

here is my favorite truffles ever:

dark chocolate rum truffles:

3 oz. bittersweet chocolate

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream.....i made these before i stopped eating dairy so if i tried to make this recipe now i would use coconut milk or soy creamer in place of the heavy whipping cream and see what happens.

3 T unsalted butter, softened and cut up.......... now i would try margarine or soy butter and see if that works????  if anyone tries this modified vegan version let me know :O)

2 T kahlua or 1 T of instant coffee crystals

1/3 cup nuts (of choice) toasted and finely chopped

3 T unsweetened cocoa

in food processor with knife blade attached, blend chocolate until finely ground.

in saucepan, heat heavy cream to boiling over medium hight heat.  with food processor running, and hot cream, butter and kahlua and blend until smooth.

grease 9 x 5 metal loaf pan; line with plastic wrap.  pour chocolate mixture into pan--spread evenly.  refrigerate until smooth, and cool enough to cut (about 3 hours) or (freeze 1 hour)

remove chocolate mixture from pan, lifting edges of plastic, remove chocolate and discard plastic wrap.

cut into 32 pieces.

roll pieces, one at a time in nuts or cocoa.  store in tightly wrapped container, with waxed paper between layers in fridge.

these are so decadent and dear friend christine made these as our dessert of choice for our after wedding picnic party celebration.  sooooooo good!!!