"kale crack"

kalechips.jpg today i was working at the yoga studio where i am part of the work study program.  i donate a few hours of "labor" in trade for unlimited classes.  it's such a great program and i feel proud to be part of it.....i'll do anything for the yoga :O)   i was cleaning the floor to prep for the expansion grand opening and began to feel my belly crying out for something toothsome and delicious.  i just so happened to be sweeping in the cafe area, and saw on the shelf some dark green leafy packaged "substance". the package read "quite cheesey kale chips".  with my insatiable curiousity to try all things health food related and potentially good for you, i busted open a bag.  i have to admit my expectations were fairly low....boy, i could not have been more off the mark.  these slightly salty, nicely pungent and irresistibly crunchy dark green layers of goodness were beyond any expectation for a deep fried fat filled chip.  these were absolutely delightful, satsifying and, dare i say, utterly delicious.  as i am typing...i am craving and wishing for another bag of green delight.  so it  begins, my quest for a recipe online.  if anyone has tried making these at home and would be willing to share their recipe i would love to give it a try.  when i find time i will definitely be trying my hand at making these dehydrated, green and flavorful chips in my kitchen.  the brand i tried is from blessings alive and radiant foods.  i highly recommend them.

image via kitchen dispensary