golden beauties...

gold stacking birthstones beauties symbolic of each of their three little ones. 18kt yellow gold, aquamarine, garnet, and sapphire with a matte, hammered texture. these were made for a special  celebrating years of marriage. 

vintage button necklace

new vintage button necklace....i LOVE this button. it came out of a broken down house in IL that my quirky and amazingly inventive uncle rehabbed. when he bought the place it was left with a mountain of junk in it. a giant metal tin of buttons was one of the rad things he salvaged. my nieces and my nephew all sat around with me me staring and picking through the tin on the floor at my parents place and we all picked out our favorites. as you might imagine i brought quite the stash home. :)



engagement & wedding ring set for a very lucky her!!!

.72ct. rose cut white diamond (5.7mm) & a wee tiny black diamond (1.6mm) in an asymmetrical design in oxidized sterling silver

this one was pretty hard to part with. rose cuts of this scale are stunning!!!!!

both rings are available on my etsy page

engagement rings

2ct half ballas raw black diamond engagement ring. made with 14kt palladium white gold with a hammered matte surface.

contour wedding band made especially for this garnet engagement ring. oxidized sterling silver

new necklaces.....

aqua triple pendant necklace: hemimorphite drusy, limpet shell, found windshield glass

poppy orange double pendant necklace: vintage glass

acid green triple pendant necklace: vintage glass

raspberry triple pendant necklace: vintage velvet button, glass beads, filament, ruby

cotton candy single pendant necklace: glass

poppy single pendant necklace: vintage glass

icy mint.electric blue.japan

icy mint triple pendant necklace: oxidized sterling, fluorite, recycled glass, beach glass

electric blue single pendant necklace: oxidized sterling,  plastic (this photo has shadows on the stone but it is a solid opaque blue)

i bought several squares of bright colored plastic sheet at an awesome hardware and craft store while we were in japan. this blue piece is the first piece i've made with any of my japan materials. i wish i could press a button and go back to that place and get a few more things. YES!!!! i think, if i remember right, the place had 8 floors. each floor was a different kind of "department" store. one was luggage (vividly remember that because i really wanted a bag there that i didn't buy....oops!! instead i bought colored plastic :O) washi paper tape, a thin long sleeved black shirt that was rated for cold cold weather (i about froze while we were there) and a christmas card for my grandma. art supplies, paper products and clothes all in one shopping zone....i was so in trouble :) that place was incredible. if i really could just press a button and go back to japan i would go back to:

-that many story shopping building and do some window shopping with a possible treasure or two

-the small town of higashiyama where we walked around the charming streets looking at amazing local pottery

-donq bakery for donq balls. well, that's what i called became one of the jokes of the trip. they were mostly like an old fashioned cake donut, but in donut hole form

-eat at the most incredible indian restuarant i've ever eaten at next to robert's apartment

-any little walk up place where i could have another cup of coffee-japanese-style (it was just different there, in a good way) or, to have another green tea ice cream.

-ride bikes around kyoto (although it made me so incredibly tired and i had no idea why)....i was about two weeks pregnant with baby luc at the time but we had no idea yet.

i know i could list tons more but my face is about to fall into the computer!!! nighty nite.