fiesta art fair...

a mention in glasstire...YAY!!!

fiesta, what an awesome show and fun weekend. thank you san antonio!!!. i was super psyched and flattered to get an honorable mention award.  it came with a rad colorful pinata to hang in my booth. gotta love a pinata!! they have a really charming gallery on the campus of the southwest school of art. go see it if you're in san antonio. clare watters, the curator, has such a wonderful eye for amazing work.


i love this guy. when i see this fella floating around on the internet he always makes me smile. but this makes me laugh out loud :O)

chris said he's gonna make me stickers that say "huggers be huggin" since i'm such a hugger. you can get this fella on t-shirts, stickers or as a print from these are things.

polyp bloom bracelet

new bracelet design: simplicity bracelet with red poppy bloom

sterling, glass beads, filament

color inspirations....

 chair.jpg cushion.jpg

i found these on the computer and loved the color and focus and fade element. chris took these a while back testing out the lense of our camera.

the beauty & the bite....



love thistles....the one on the left is so beautiful just before it opens.

the last photo was taken on my folks property in illinois during our last visit home. they were everywhere in the fields. the first image is from our front yard. that plant is related to the artichoke and has edible leaves. i need to brave up and give it a whirl in the kitchen and see how it's the fuzziness that's throwing me a bit!


a few tattoos i think are REAL nice....




i don't have the source for these as i found them cleaning off my desktop......if you happen to know where they came from lemme now and i'm happy to post it here.

the last image is from the shop of lilian asterfield, boston artist. check out her amazing repurposed neck tie wares in her shop.

oh danish rocker...

oh, rocker dilemnia. i have been on the prowl for an old rocker and can't seem to find one that's all around perfect..comfy, tall back, modern, fun color, hmm!! the search continues.


if it were all about looks, this one is a beauty...found at belmodo.

handmade austin women...


our poster is done for the upcoming haw show.  i'm so excited!  jamie spinello did an amazing job on the design and layout.  the show will be here before we know it. we have just a few last minute details to coordinate and then it's show time!!!!

leah giberson



i am in love with leah giberson's work. her dreamy scapes of airstreams, vintage trailers, modern dwellings & retro chairs poolside. what's not to love? find more of her work here

happy thanksgiving

moss-temple3.jpg moss-temple1.jpg

wishing you all a happy and festive thanksgiving. we were in japan this year for the holiday. it's only our 2nd big trip we've taken together. amazing doesn't even begin to describe it, but it very much was, even though i got a bit homesick.  i'll post more pics soon but in the meantime i have a few pics from our trip that make me feel fall-ish...FALL COLOR!  these were both taken at the moss temple on the outskirts of kyoto. i've always wanted to be in another country/culture during the holidays :)

thank you so much for a wonderful 2010. your support and encouragement is so very much appreciated. hope you have a warm and fuzzy thanksgiving day filled with loads of cornbread dressing and pecan pie.