east austin studio tour 2011



crazy BUT it's that time of year again and we're gearing up for the EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR    JOIN in the festivities THIS WEEKEND, NOVEMBER 12TH AND 13TH 11AM - 6PM. i will be showing my jewelry along with my husband, chris campbell, and his wood fired pottery at his studio. we will be at stop #35

2710 E Cesar Chavez St

ATX, 78702



we're excited to be showing with some of our favorite artist friends this year. the featured work will include ceramics, jewelry, wearable crochet & metalwork by:


Ryan Mckerley   Lisa Crowder Christa Mares       Anne Woods Ann Woodall       Michael Merritt Edmo Martinez                     Rebecca Bauer...and more

hope to see you out and about this weekend, enjoy the tour!!!





i can't help but think that this would make a great studio!!

2010 holiday gift guide...

as a thank you and giant hug of appreciation for your continued support all necklaces, rings and earrings are 10% with free shipping (regular shipping with insurance) during the month of december. the deadline to ensure delivery by the holidays is dec 17th. all the prices on the items in my etsy shop have already been adjusted.  the items here on my website will be reimbursed via paypal after payment is received. happy holidays to you all. may you have a warm and fuzzy holiday season and a peaceful and healthy 2011.

xoxo, jj

p.s.--if you are in a pinch and we're in the 11th hour and you are still in need of a piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved one. i will ship expedited shipping for a $15-$18 charge. email me first to make sure the piece of your choice is still in stock :O) okay, now on with the guide...


$36 - $50

1.1email-pufff-earring.jpg 2.1email-sequin-earrings.jpg




 under $100


5.1email-aqua-color-bar.jpg 6.1email-black-bloom-earring.jpg



$112 - $200

7. 1email-bloom-petite.jpg 8.1email-grow-bloom-wine-earrings.jpg

9.1email-limon-ring.jpg 10.1email-red-polyp-earrings.jpg




11.1email-limpet-shell.jpg 12.1email-shell-pendant.jpg

13.1email-hot-red-double.jpg 14.1email-limon-triple.jpg



1.puff earrings: $32   2.candy stick sequin earrings: $40   3.filigree earrings: $50

4.opal ring: $68   5.aqua color bar pendant: $80   6.bloom paddle earrings: $92

7.bloom petite necklace in opal: $110   8.bloom double paddle earrings: $112

9.limon filigree ring: $140   10.hot red polyp earrings: $200

11.limpet single pendant necklace: $250   12.found coral single pendant: $260

13.hot red orange double pendant necklace: $350   14.icy lime triple pendant necklace: $450

you will find all of these pieces on my etsy page and my website shop pages: necklace 1, necklace 2, ring, earring page

happy thanksgiving

moss-temple3.jpg moss-temple1.jpg

wishing you all a happy and festive thanksgiving. we were in japan this year for the holiday. it's only our 2nd big trip we've taken together. amazing doesn't even begin to describe it, but it very much was, even though i got a bit homesick.  i'll post more pics soon but in the meantime i have a few pics from our trip that make me feel fall-ish...FALL COLOR!  these were both taken at the moss temple on the outskirts of kyoto. i've always wanted to be in another country/culture during the holidays :)

thank you so much for a wonderful 2010. your support and encouragement is so very much appreciated. hope you have a warm and fuzzy thanksgiving day filled with loads of cornbread dressing and pecan pie.

EAST 2010


swing by EAST today and tomorrow. i will have my work available at stop #39.  we're at 2710 E Cesar Chavez ATX 78702.



hey y'all , if any of you have emailed in the last few days to my info(@)jaimejofisher(dot)com email address and i haven't responded it's because i never got it. i didn't realize my box was full and even though i check email everyday i check it thru my personal email where all my business email is forwarded, well, unless my business email is full, then i don't get them at all. all is under control and everything is back up and rolling like normal. sorry for the spacey-ness on my part. if you emailed me in the last couple days please resend it and i'll respond pronto, promise!! as an apology i offer you a funny picture of nemo post bath ;)

new postcard


front of postcard


back of postcard

new postcard design i finished up last night for us. bonus that we can cut them in half if we need to use them independent of each other. i'm excited to get them in the mail....and that i fudged my way thru and learned a few new photoshop tricks! yay!! happy sunday, enjoy your beautiful fall-ish day, however you decide to spend it!



love this collection!! and we made it to the Etsy front page. this is my first etsy front page...YaY!!!!

click here to see the treasury...

golden brown...


yay, i clicked on the etsy home page this morning like i do every morning and there was my orange triple pendant.....yIpPy-Yay!!!


thanks so much fiona chapman... her work is lovely. go see it!!

large vessels



here's a really nice pic that our friend eric zimmerman took of chris working in the studio today....he's working on 8 large vessels simultaneously in preparation for his firing coming up in the spring.  you can see more of his work here




you can see eric's work here