olivia hunsaker

my awesome niece, well, i have two awesome niece's, but the oldest olivia just opened up an etsy shop. she is quite an artist and maker at heart. what a little entrepreneur. i am so proud of her. olivia will be 10 at the end of the month. wow!! where has the time gone!! go here to see her charming earrings. she's making me a custom pair in all black and i can't wait to sport them.



love this collection!! and we made it to the Etsy front page. this is my first etsy front page...YaY!!!!

click here to see the treasury...

golden brown...


yay, i clicked on the etsy home page this morning like i do every morning and there was my orange triple pendant.....yIpPy-Yay!!!


thanks so much fiona chapman... her work is lovely. go see it!!

sexy jack...


thanks for including me in a such a smokin' treasury monica...sexy jack!!  i guess it was suppose to be titled "sexy black" =) but sexy jack has a nice ring!! i can' get over the short leggings, the luce leggings, the black vintage glasses, the pillowy purse, the points dress & the chaos neckpiece...whoop!!

front page.....

picture-16.png my white mountain earrings made the etsy front page a couple nights ago.  how exciting!!

thanks so much for including me erica....

happy day vintage...


i love this lamp....our friends peter and trish that moved to ny have this very lamp.  i have always loved it.  i have one that is a melba orange color but the white one is tops!!

 slight kinship to my white stalactite pendulum earrings below :O)



when i come across pink vintage glass it reminds me of chris' mom.  she has a really beautiful collection of pink carnival glass. i love it more everytime i see it.

both items found in happy day vintage


purse. purse.jpgpurse3.jpg

see listing here by justlikecake.....my new endeavor.  no worries, i will be doing this in addition to making jewelry :O)

etsy treasury

yeah!!!! i was finally able to get on etsy and catch a spot in the treasury list for etsy.  here's a grouping of a few of my favorites.... etsy-treasury.jpg

new banner for etsy......

etsy-banner-for-blog.jpg today, i found myself in the mood to create this new banner for my etsy page.  i was suprised how fast i was able to get it to this point.  wow, i guess i did learn something in college about photoshop after all.  i may make a few subtle changes but for now it's struttin' it's stuff on my etsy shop.  this has been on my to do list for quite some time and now it's finished, well, almost........yeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

okay, my pillow is calling :O)

sweet dreams,