st. louis here we come!!

brinkleytoy.jpg here is our super cute stuffie toy.........we got this on our way up to st. louis over the summer. we stopped off at my favorite thrift store off highway 30 in arkansas. chris typically takes a power nap and i run in to see what the local goodwill has to offer. i found this great little stuffie for brinkley since i forgot to bring him some toys. brinkley is our baby.....puppy. well, he's not a puppy anymore, but he's still my baby-guy. the funny thing about this toy is it pretty much looks like him. you can't always see his eyes and it is pretty much an off white/tan color by now which is the same color of brinkley's fur. we call him neaner, beanie, bubba, zanzle, bean-bean, boobbie, bobbie-o-shanskie, that's just to name a few. chris and i have this "thing" where we have nicknames for each other and brinkley that always evolve and change as the days pass. i know, don't ask!! anywho, this stuffie made me think of our last trip to st. louis since we are heading there tomorrow.

we are going to see my family, my show at the xen gallery, and apparently some ice and snow. i hope it's not to bad i am hoping to go to some of my favorite places while i'm there. first up, FOOD, india rasio in the central west end (my absolute favorite indian restaurant in st. louis) followed up by mezzanine to see anna and her fabulous collection of clothing, body care goodies, and assortment of handmade jewelry. we have plans to see the "body worlds" show at the science center, then hopefully hit a few thrift stores, the contemporary art museum, a belated christmas celebration with the family and special time with both my grandma's. hope we can squeeze it all in.

st. louis OR bust!!