this guy...

i couldn't resist putting this guy up today. february started a very rough few months for this little guy several years back. we are so forever grateful that he made a safe return home to us after being missing for 3.5 months. love this sweet, snoring little fuzz babe. 

studio mate....



thought i would introduce you to my studio mate, nemo. we like to call him neems, whammo, mr. moustache,  meemo and no sir!!!!  he is quite a little entertainer most of the time but when i'm in the studio working he likes to curl up right under my chair. when i roll around to switch from solder station to bench work he repositions....


i saw one of these brussels griffon pups at an airport about a month or two ago.  he was being taxied around in a wheelie duffle bag and lovin' every minute of it.  the fuzzie bud was standing on his back legs with his head out the zipper and his ears and tongue flapping in the wind.  it totally made my did this little guy.  yeah, scrunchie face. brusselsgriff.png

picture from cuteoverload

insideout stuffie

picture-11.png what curious little stuffies....these bears are made by artist, kent rogowski.  they are sewn and stuffed with the seems exposed giving the top notch character and personality :O)

scrunchie faces....

you gotta love...... livi-and-megi.jpg

these are my two beautiful little nieces, olivia and megan in their uber cute baggie suit sweetness.


and this little fuzzy scrunchie face.  well, i am a sucker for cute fuzziness.  i found this image on cuteoverload

and even more on memebon.

okay, it's back to the studio for me.......more work on orders and to make my grams birthday present. i'm off to see her and my mom this weekend to celebrate :O) yippy!!

baby guy

here's brinkley. after posting pics. of those other pups i thought beanie deserved some air time. he's the best!!  i wonder if him and tiny would get along?? beanie.jpg

ann arbor, thank you...

YEAH!!! ann arbor was great and i so enjoyed talking with curious patrons, customers and all my art fair buddies as well as making some new ones. thanks to all of you who dropped by for a visit. i hope to see you all next yeari have a few pics from the show......


my booth


my friend ben playing "99 red balloons" on his brand new (to him) vintage made me think of my mom-in-law, pat. she used to play one :O)


some sweet little girl came in my booth and talked with me about visiting her aunt in new york and helping her make jewelry. she had on these great little ice cream shoes and i couldn't resist snapping this photo (with her mom's permission). she was carrying around a little cup of pretzels and just talking away. she was too sweet.

on another note, a woman came in my booth later that day with a schnazzy pair of black sandals on and a fabulous pedicure in a color scheme that i used growing up. each toenail was painted a different color....all pale pale opaque easter egg colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, purple. i was so excited when i saw them that i jumped up with my camera and ask the woman if i could snap a photo of them. i could tell by the look on her face that she was afraid of my request and she high-tailed it out of my booth saying "no thank you". i really didn't mean any harm. i cracked up!!!


my friend charity's booth with some of her ceramic pieces


one of my customer's dog's, tiny


some street performance by a mime


my favorite sockie-doodles


a dog i remember seeing last year and oh so loving that sweet face


my friend ben couldn't resist using the pillows i just made for some eyes above my burn.....

oh, it's so good to be home...i've had a long nap (since i got up at 4:00am to catch my plane home), drank some kombucha, ate an enormous salad with my fave balsamic vinegar dressing and am feeling the comforts of home. it was such an incredible adventure in ann arbor, but i am a happy girl to be back home.  i'll feel even better tomorrow after i go to yoga. i've had a week off and my body (AND MIND) are missing it :O)

hope you had a great weekend too.