the ring show:putting the band back together

UPDATE: the ring show "putting the band back together" & "then and now" is coming together. i just received an email from the mary hallam pearse with images of all the rings....yippy. the ring's are incredible and i am super excited to be surrounded by so many incredible artists. if only i could try them all on :O) that would surely put me in debt :O)

here is the photograph of my ring as it will be in the catalog

2628403019_fe4c62497a_m.jpg jaime jo fisher

a few of my faves are............

2628399457_f3a178005b_m.jpg lisa medlin

2629219756_1e49048d6a_m.jpg brandon holschuh

2628403113_0ff243a094_m.jpg coffee miklos

2629219994_91ffd29295_m.jpg kristi rae wilson

2629218696_8701e2b94b_m.jpg james thurman

2629218660_b80fe7aa1e_m.jpg yael krawkoski

2629277788_501116ff0f_m.jpg allyson bone

2628402531_216112de5b_m1.jpg michelle a. pajak

this show runs from august 23 -november 2, 2008 at the georgia museum of art  if you're anywhere in that vicinity it would be worth a visit.