doubles and triples....

here's a few more necklaces in the double and triple pendant style that are almost finished and will be ready shortly. well, once i make the chains, bead the tails, wax 'em & price 'em.......the ann arbor show is coming soon....jeepers!!! the settings have been done for awhile i have been dragging my feet to sand them and reveal some of the sterling thru the oxidation, oh yeah, and the photographing. i took them with me today so i could sand them while chris and i ran around doing errands. alas, here they are..... icylimetriple.jpg prasiolite, tourmaline, windshield glass

retropinkdouble.jpg plastic puppy nose with screw in back

sagetriple2.jpg beach pebble, part of a plastic vintage bead, hemimorphite

blackdouble.jpg vintage button, vintage glass...this one will have a stitching detail

electricorangetriple.jpg vintage plastic, vintage glass, vintage button greenbeandouble.jpg

glass, vintage button...this one will have stitching in the upper right

i have plans to make 99 and a half more pieces before leaving for ann arbor......just kidding, but, seriously the closer it gets before i leave the more things i want to make...the more grand ideas i have. yep, that's me......working better under pressure.....i'll post the few more pieces that i make as i finish them :O)

i have a few polyp earrings a couple more necklaces and maybe a polyp ring or two.......

~sweet dreams, i think i am crashing early tonite :O)