it was sheer pleasure being at st. pete beach. yeah, new beach/ocean goodies for my work!!! i think just seeing, hearing and feeling the ocean is good for the soul :O) abeach.jpg

we have arrived.....the beach is so beautiful at dusk. i felt like a little kid, especially when i walked upon......


all of these...pure bliss


i had about 6 good hours picking up treasures, either for my work or just to have in my collection of found objects. the next day i wore a skirt and my legs got super burnt. the sunscreen didn't quite do the trick. i'm still slathering on the coconut oil to get the heat to come out of it, but oh it was worth it.


chris found this beautiful olive shell. he was pscyhed and continued to find several others throughout the weekend. he was zipping around all over chris' hand. it was really amazing to watch. every once in a while it would squirt water out....i think he was trying to tell us something. he set the lil' creature free after i could snap a pic of 'em.