a dee a doe....the wedding

agroup.jpg a pic after the kick ball rehearsal dinner....chris (my hubby), dave, trish and jade (some of our best friends) jadie is the bride to be......


jadie, pre-wedding dress heading to the church with her sweet little parasol


the ushers....chris, zach and dave


trish and i fixing the wedding cake. when the band was testing there equipment the vibration of the floor made the ornament fall down the side. we patched it with some flowers and filled in some of the icing holes. all that decorating birthday and wedding cakes at mcarthur's in st. louis wasn't all for not.


the uber happy couple- robert and jade


dancin it up.....


carly...jade's sister and our super good friend was a singing diva that night. it was breath taking and a full on goose bump moment to hear her sing again.


erin working it on the dance floor with her backward bend. i am certain she is the most fun loving person i have ever met. she too is a metalsmith/jewelry designer and made robert's wedding ring. i have just gotten to know her a bit more recently and am looking forward to her moving back to austin so we can continue laughing.

she get's the best dip of the night award. all that bikram yoga comes in handy when you least expect it :O)