puffy fluffy whiteness

clouds.jpg no sooner than i sat down in my seat on the plane and buckled myself in i passed out. this is high relaxation time for because i am away from my studio and seriously can no longer make work.......this is always a big relief to know that i can just "be still" for awhile. so i promptly fell asleep before the wheels of the plane even left the ground. i am always bummed out when there is a loud speaker announcement on the plane........how many times can i really wake up from the P.A. announcement and actually fall back to sleep.....about seven times, i guess. my family has laughed at me since i was very little for being able to sleep just about anywhere. i had a straight shot flight just briefly stopping in houston to pick up a few other sky bunnies and off to st. louis we go.

the beautiful serene image of whiteness was taken out the window of the plane as i woke from my sleep. my emotion quickly went from frustration to joy. i was annoyed at the realization that my sleep would be continuously interrupted by very loud announcements "it is safe to move about the cabin", "please do not form a line at the lavatory" but when i opened my eyes and saw this amazing view my heart was quickly filled with joy when i saw the blanket of clouds.

this picture reminds me of the quilt that i would like to make with my grandmother some day. an all white quilt with white stitching.......most quilts are really amazing and beautiful with color and pattern but i would like to make a quilt where the emphasis is on all the work that is put into it, the quilting itself. on the colorful quilts the stitching gets lost.