thrift or bust...SVDP in st. louis

 svdp.jpg here's a pic of "my scores" at my all time favorite thrift store in st. louis.  st. vincent de paul thrift store on forest park blvd. is the best.......i llllllove going there when i go home.  that was my first stop in town after i dropped my mom off at work since she picked me up on her lunch break.......thanks ma!!  she would have gone with me if she would have been off work (yep, i get it honestly...from my mom and dad both) i am loving this color family....grey, creme, peachpink.....yum!!!  this could be my next triple pendant color family.

newsflash.....i love old luggage, old tupperware and anything peachypink and plasticky....the grey suitcase i needed for my booth display to put all my bags, pliers, receipt book and whatnots in for the show.   the tupperware container, well i just couldn't resist...the pie slice tupperware container, come on!!!!!!  and, the purse.....i picked up at first thinking it would make great pillow making materials for my "float" pillow earrings....sorry folks, i can't bear to cut into this gem.