well, it's way past THAT time for me, clean-up time studio style!!!! for any of you who have seen my "busting at the seams, i am surprised it can still hang on the wall, crap piled everywhere jewelry bench" you know what i am talking about, and if you haven't seen husband, chris doesn't lovingly call me "crap hound" for no reason. motivated by my very skilled and generous hubby who made me a brand spankin' new soldering station while i was in st. louis, i now have a "new", fresh, clean, and ORGANIZED studio to work in....yippy!!!!! drum roll please....... Ta Dah..................

here is a 360 degree view.........




p.s.---don't open the closet :)

p.s.s.--i will work very hard to keep my studio clean of debris and for my jewelry bench?? i can't make any promises :O)