thank you to everyone that came out to the webster groves's art and air art festival. considering it was crazy hot that weekend and the storms/tornado alarms caused us to cancel the show on friday nite, it was really great to see you all on saturday and sunday. thanks for braving the heat and making my weekend much more enjoyable by stopping in to say hi, catch up and help pass the time. it is always an amazing and heart warming experience to do this show since i am from the st. louis area and my history is there. i know and see so many amazing people from my past. thanks for offering your support; for your time and effort, i am truly grateful. i hope you all enjoyed the show. oh, thanks to me pops for helping me set up (in the questionable weather) and teaching me how to tie those invaluable knots with the bailing twine to help weight my booth......and for seconds, thanks for being "older" know what i mean :O)