pink bubble gum

singlebubblegum1.jpg this new single pendant is made of plastic from a cabbage patch kid shoe.....remember those days. i can't tell if this piece reminds me of my childhood so much because the pink candy color makes me think of bubble gum...hubba bubba style, or if it's because the plastic is actually from the shoe of a cabbage patch kid doll. for the life of me, i can not remember my cabbage patch doll's name, but, oh yeah, i definitely remember my sisters....."byron chuck". that's because i wanted pretty much everything she had....i'm the little sister & yes, i had the shirt to prove it. BYRON CHUCK, hahahhaaa, the name just makes me laugh and bubbles up memories off the little house tanya & i grew up in...painting our toe nails & our egg face mask parties, along with the makeup mirror and light set up we had that would become jammed up with a 1/4 " of aqua net in a matter of days. ah, those were the days....good times :O)