tofu fries

tofufries.jpg these are super easy to make.

1 block of firm tofu, drain, and squeezed dry...without crumbling it. when i say squeeze dry i mean take a clean kitchen towel (not the fuzzy kind more like a linen) and put tofu in the center. press the towel firmly on each side of the tofu and some moisture will wick from the tofu into the towel. then, cut into about .75" x .75" x 2 " pieces

for seasoning crunchy bit: a pinch of cayenne, and some paprika, salt and pepper and some breadcrumbs. mix well

when you cut the tofu into pieces the cut edges will be damp from the moisture of the tofu which makes it perfect for rolling in the crumbly seasoning.....

spray thin layer of olive in the pan and sear the tofu fries on each side. let each side sit for several minutes without disturbing otherwise your crumbly seasoning might stick to the pan instead of the tofu.

let cool a good 10 minutes or so before eating them. it let's the tofu stiffen up a bit. they are really good with horseradish ketchup.

we like to make these with whole wheat apple pancakes for dinner. these make a really good companion for the pancakes because they are spicy, salty, savory goodness, but also because they will give ya some protein to balance out the meal.

WARNING: if your expecting these to taste like potatoes you will be sad when you bite into one of these, but if your open to something new give 'em a whirl.