new series of necklaces: texture

new series of necklaces inspired by texture and simplicity.

1-aqua-drusy3.jpg 1aqua-drusy.jpg

1-aqua-drusy5.jpg 1aqua-drusy-2.jpg

agate drusy and sterling

1coral.jpg 12coral.jpg

coral from miami, fl and sterling

12orangey.jpg  1orangey.jpg

sterling and polymer clay

i have one more on the bench (a black piece) that's part of this series. it's almost finished. i'll post it in a bit!!

1black2.jpg 1black-double-eye.jpg

i am really loving this one. the texture on this piece is incredible. i hit the jackpot when i found this's the back side of a chalcedony rosette. sometime the back is more rad than the front. in this case, it happens to be true.  YES!!!

hope you like....i'm scavenging for more stones that seem fitting for this sort of minimal texture inspired designs....i may even bust out with a few smooth'ees.