brussel sprout salad


olive oil 1/2 a head of cabbage chopped thin 2 -16oz containers of fresh brussel sprouts balsamic vinegar fresh cilantro s & p to taste agave nectar fresh thinly sliced jalapeno....if you wish

saute brussel sprouts in hot pan with a splash of olive oil, with lid on pan, stirring occasionally but letting them remain for a bit in between so some of the sprout surface gets good and brown, and tender. then add in cabbage and a couple splashes of balsamic. you can add more after it's cooked if you like it a bit on the tangy side. once cabbage wilts a little remove from heat.  add chopped cilantro, salt, pepper and a couple small lines of agave nectar.  serve up in a dish and top with a thinly shaved jalapeno slice or two. delicious with crusty grainy bread or favorite bar-b-que....we had it with lentil sloppy jo's.