tahini noodles

tahini-noodles.jpg ingredients:

1/2 lb. of whole wheat spaghetti

2 carrots, peeled and shredded

2 large leaves of swiss chard, chopped in fine strips.

5 small leaves of mint, chopped

6 large leaves of basil, chopped

sesame seeds

tahini sauce: 1/4 cup of tahini 2 T soy sauce or tamari 3 T water 1 T rice vinegar 1tsp dijon mustard 1 T chile garlic sauce 1 T braggs amino acids *1/16 tsp of cayenne pepper 1 T agave nectar or sugar 3 T chia seed gel pinch of salt healthy pinch of black pepper

cook noodles, drain and rinse in cool water to cool down the noodles. add sauce, shredded carrots, mint, and sesame seeds.

if you would like to try a variation of this you can use peanut butter instead of tahini.

sauce is also really delish as bread dip or salad dressing.

note--i make a double of the sauce recipe because i like to have a little extra on the pasta. the recipe will only make enough to lightly coat the noodles. serve with crusty bread and salad.


* if you don't like things to spicy omit the cayenne and decrease the amount of chili garlic sauce.

this recipe was adapted from the "nearly raw tahini noodles" recipe on the veganyumyum site. if mine doesn't quite do it for ya you could try hers out.