pie1.jpgpie2.jpg happy thanksgiving...and yes or NO to pecan pie :O)

i wish you all a restful, warm, full-belly thanksgiving with family, friends and loved ones.  i'm very happy and thankful that i just woke up from a nap, sleep has been a bit on the back burner lately.  i am a bit giddy to have a couple days away from the studio.  chris and i are hanging out at the ranch (chris' folks place) with his folks and his brother, brian.  pat and i each made a ton of food and after we finished eating it looked liked we didn't even make a dent.  good by me....leftovers are my favorite part.  it's always better the second time around. yay for tomorrow!!!

a big huge hug and thank you for your support over the years for being so supportive, inquisitive, and inspiring.  i am truly grateful for your loyalty.

happy thanksgiving to you all............

p.s.--pie #1 tasted like crap and i thru it away!!

p.s.s.--pie #2 was much better, but my pecan pie skills still have a lot to be desired.  my pecan pie doesn't hold a flame next to pat's or gaga's.  more practice to come.....your probably thinking how hard can a pecan pie be??? well, one year i tried using a wheat crust.  that one really sucked...you say crust, i say hockey puck!!!  this year i made it vegan, but it wasn't the non-egg factor that messed it up. my first recipe called for molasses and chocolate chips.  i wouldn't recommend that recipe again.  that's pretty much all i could taste in that pie. AND, the second pecan pie had a really delicious pecan pie caramel-like flavor, "flax eggs" and all, but the crust on the bottom had disentegrated.  so, i would happily take some pecan pie tips, anyone, anyone, bueller!!!!