he's here.....

at 10:11am on april 23, 2014 this little fella made quite a grand entrance into our world. he was very comfy in the nest he had created in the previous 9+months arriving "only" 13 days past his due date. BUT, boy when he decided he was ready he came fast and furious in under 2 hours from 1st contraction to birth. one minute i was making pancakes for lucy and the next minute i was in full tilt labor. it was pretty damn incredible. our midwife gb khalsa barely made it with only 15 minutes to spare before he officially arrived. chris was incredible and had everything under control but at one point i had to lay with my chest down on the bed to stop the contractions or he probably would have arrive before she got there. i still can hardly believe it, and what a sweet sweet boy we have. thanks so much for picking me to be your mama, boden redding campbell. i couldn't be happier to be the one who gets to love you forever, along with your amazing big sis. i am one lucky and grateful mama.

i used doterra essential oils during most of my pregnancy to prep for labor and delivery.  i didn't learn about them until i was almost 3 months pregnant, so from 3 months to full term and then some :/ if anyone is interested in what i used please just send me an email and i would be happy to share information with you and what worked for me. i am certain the doterra oils helped me have a very smooth, quick delivery and fast recovery.

come august


chris and i are beyond words excited to be expecting a baby in august. most days i really can't believe it until she reminds me with a swift kick in the belly :O) we just found out last week we are having a girl. i am psyched to have an excuse to steal away and relax in the pool this summer to beat the austin heat.

get your heart on...


at the austin flea. join me and 21 other artists for some valentines day shopping. we'll be showing our wares this saturday, 11am-5pm at the ghost room at 304 west fourth street in downtown austin. get more info here about the show. this is my first flea and i'm super psyched to participate. before putting on the barry white music swing by the austin flea and get your lovah a valentine!

2010 holiday gift guide...

as a thank you and giant hug of appreciation for your continued support all necklaces, rings and earrings are 10% with free shipping (regular shipping with insurance) during the month of december. the deadline to ensure delivery by the holidays is dec 17th. all the prices on the items in my etsy shop have already been adjusted.  the items here on my website will be reimbursed via paypal after payment is received. happy holidays to you all. may you have a warm and fuzzy holiday season and a peaceful and healthy 2011.

xoxo, jj

p.s.--if you are in a pinch and we're in the 11th hour and you are still in need of a piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved one. i will ship expedited shipping for a $15-$18 charge. email me first to make sure the piece of your choice is still in stock :O) okay, now on with the guide...


$36 - $50

1.1email-pufff-earring.jpg 2.1email-sequin-earrings.jpg




 under $100


5.1email-aqua-color-bar.jpg 6.1email-black-bloom-earring.jpg



$112 - $200

7. 1email-bloom-petite.jpg 8.1email-grow-bloom-wine-earrings.jpg

9.1email-limon-ring.jpg 10.1email-red-polyp-earrings.jpg




11.1email-limpet-shell.jpg 12.1email-shell-pendant.jpg

13.1email-hot-red-double.jpg 14.1email-limon-triple.jpg



1.puff earrings: $32   2.candy stick sequin earrings: $40   3.filigree earrings: $50

4.opal ring: $68   5.aqua color bar pendant: $80   6.bloom paddle earrings: $92

7.bloom petite necklace in opal: $110   8.bloom double paddle earrings: $112

9.limon filigree ring: $140   10.hot red polyp earrings: $200

11.limpet single pendant necklace: $250   12.found coral single pendant: $260

13.hot red orange double pendant necklace: $350   14.icy lime triple pendant necklace: $450

you will find all of these pieces on my etsy page and my website shop pages: necklace 1, necklace 2, ring, earring page



my friend melanie and i have been laughing about using the term hawesome for haw (handmade austin women)!!! haha!! melanie is one of the other main coordinators for the show....hawesome....cheesy, yes!! but we just can't help it.  with all the long hours of planning the event i think we have the right to coin "hawesome" in the midst of our deliriousness.  planning a show (even at this small scale) is an immeasarable amount of work and at times feels like a full time job. having said that, i love being part of this show in every facet.  i love everything about it from the artists, to the details, to nerdin out on my computer organizing the logistics.  AND, after all the planning it's about that time to just enjoy.


the handmade austin women show is saturday and sunday, 11am - 6pm on may 1 & 2 at ginko studios in east austin. 800 gullett street, austin, tx 78720

the 5th annual HAW spring show and sale will feature an eclectic array of work including ceramics, collage, photography, mixed media, jewelry, clothing, and for a little something extra, massage therapy. also, to appeal to your senses there will be a well rounded mix of happenings throughout the weekend including : marionette & ukelele performances, some funk & roll music by guy town, a mix from dj lovecat, treats and delights from hope & glory pastry and cornucopia.


come out and enjoy the show.


i think i have posted a similar ring to the one above but it is one of my absolute faves so here it is again in a better quality photo.

10% off holiday sale and upcoming show...

here's the mass email i sent to the customers on my mailing list...you can partake in the sale too, just sign up on my mailing list thru my website.

hello friends,

the holiday season is in full swing complete with christmas music and festive lights.. well, it's official here in austin as we all cheered on the snow flurries floating about. as a big big hug and thank you for your continued support throughout the year i am offering 10% off with free shipping on any item/s featured on the "shop" pages of my website or my etsy site for the month of december.  THE SKINNY: find something you love and would like to purchase. send me an email with the item name/color description and i will send you a revised invoice via paypal. ............................................................................................. ...pieces are first come first serve... *sale excludes special orders/commission pieces* -pieces must be purchased by december 19th to ensure delivery by december 24th (applies to current stock available only)-


SHARE THE LOVE: 10% of the sale price of each piece will also be collected up to december 22nd and given to a local family in need.

white teeth earrings

upcoming show:

cherrywood art festival

www.cherrywoodartfair.org december 12 & 13, 2009 saturday: 10a - 6p sunday: 12n - 5p

wishing you a festive and peaceful holiday season filled with

friends, family, love and laughs,

enjoy!! jaimejo

get 'em while it's hot....



it's official....i am retiring the beaded tail detail on the clasp of my necklaces.  my new neck pieces will have a completely new and different clasp.  i have some ideas that i am experimenting with now and i'll let you know the outcome as it reveals itself.  i currently have a limited number of necklaces with beaded tails. so, if you love those little guys on the clasp then now is the time to scoop em up :O)

 these are fun all collaged together...maybe they'll have a new identity in their next lifetime.

500 plastic jewelry designs....

 picture-16.png hApPY hAPpY!!!!  my copy of the 500 plastic series: a groundbreaking survey of a modern material book arrived today...featuring two of my pieces.  YaY, it was such a nice surprise to find that waiting for me at home when i arrived.  the book will officially be released in book stores in september.  there are so many amazing and inspiring pieces in the book...i am giddy-full-of-glee and honored to be placed aside such phenomenal pieces/artists.  i have had polyurethane on my list of materials to experiment with for about a year now... this book is just the inspiration i need to buy some polyurethane and play!! i will list a few of my favorite pieces in the coming days.    YipPy!!

exciting news...

green-pillow-brooch-blog1.jpg strawb-pillow-bracelet-blog.jpg

i just found out last night that these two pillow pieces of mine: green pillow brooch and strawberry tiered pillow bracelet, will be featured in the book titled "500 plastic jewelry" by lark books. they should be printed this summer and in the book stores by fall of 2009.  i am thrilled beyond words!!  YiPpY!!!!!

photography by stellar and talented friend, robert boland