2010 holiday gift guide...

as a thank you and giant hug of appreciation for your continued support all necklaces, rings and earrings are 10% with free shipping (regular shipping with insurance) during the month of december. the deadline to ensure delivery by the holidays is dec 17th. all the prices on the items in my etsy shop have already been adjusted.  the items here on my website will be reimbursed via paypal after payment is received. happy holidays to you all. may you have a warm and fuzzy holiday season and a peaceful and healthy 2011.

xoxo, jj

p.s.--if you are in a pinch and we're in the 11th hour and you are still in need of a piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved one. i will ship expedited shipping for a $15-$18 charge. email me first to make sure the piece of your choice is still in stock :O) okay, now on with the guide...


$36 - $50

1.1email-pufff-earring.jpg 2.1email-sequin-earrings.jpg




 under $100


5.1email-aqua-color-bar.jpg 6.1email-black-bloom-earring.jpg



$112 - $200

7. 1email-bloom-petite.jpg 8.1email-grow-bloom-wine-earrings.jpg

9.1email-limon-ring.jpg 10.1email-red-polyp-earrings.jpg




11.1email-limpet-shell.jpg 12.1email-shell-pendant.jpg

13.1email-hot-red-double.jpg 14.1email-limon-triple.jpg



1.puff earrings: $32   2.candy stick sequin earrings: $40   3.filigree earrings: $50

4.opal ring: $68   5.aqua color bar pendant: $80   6.bloom paddle earrings: $92

7.bloom petite necklace in opal: $110   8.bloom double paddle earrings: $112

9.limon filigree ring: $140   10.hot red polyp earrings: $200

11.limpet single pendant necklace: $250   12.found coral single pendant: $260

13.hot red orange double pendant necklace: $350   14.icy lime triple pendant necklace: $450

you will find all of these pieces on my etsy page and my website shop pages: necklace 1, necklace 2, ring, earring page