polyps...what a tease.

picture-3.png i have been fascinated by salt water aquariums since i was young and had a few fish of my own.  i would go to the aquarium shop to buy food and become mesmerized by the wide array of colors, textures and variety of shapes moving about in their  seductive underwater dance.  i always dreamed of having one someday but was under the impression that it is much more work than a fresh water tank and also not suitable for a beginner.  "oh contrare" says the man behind the fish tank counter.  chris and i went in because i have been wanting to get a goldfish that has the "water balloon" looking eyes.  well, they didn't have those BUT they did have some really amazing salt water fish, sponges, starfish.....they even had a bright yellow seahorse.  it was pure bliss watching those little creatures work their magic.  the image above is from a website forum for people who have small salt water aquariums. how amazing would it be to have a small piece of ocean life in your house to see it change and grow everyday :O)  click here to see some amazing varieties of salt water gems. image by civicsit.