paperchain1.jpg i am making a paper know the kind we all made in grade school. it will be used to jazz up the site for the handmade austin women show: either as part of the border for the walk way, around the porch, hanging from a tree, as a bright orange paper chain mountain sculpture...who knows!!! weather will play a deciding element.  this photo was taken early on today...i worked on it a half hour here and there between working on necklaces in the studio.  i now have about 60 feet of chain made and hope to have 2-3 times that by the show. i just found all this paper in the drawer my mom had sent me awhile back while rummagin' around this morning and got inspired by it.  i'm sure it being orange had something to do with it. as the signs i just made yesterday for the show are orange too.  we'll see how long it gets when it's finished....i have two and half weeks to work on it in between everything else.  eeps, it will be here soon.  Yay!!!