all pots all the time...








eating a meal from a dish that is carefully considered and cultivated into a functional piece of art is a daily experience i much enjoy.   i have been collecting pots since i was in school at SIUE, but my affinity for the process and result came at a very young age. (think silver dollar city).  my folks had to drag me away from the fella demonstrating.  the real point to this slightly related story....

chris will be showing his ceramic work at the texas clay festival this weekend along with 60 other clay artists.  come out and show your support for the handmade, and, you too, can eat your next round of icecream out of a handmade bowl.  visit the show site here.  and you can see more of chris' work here if you can't make it in person.

yes, he's my husband, but i'm only biased because it's GOOD!!  go see it :)