i've been trying to upload the little video of me attempting to play my brand spankin' new ukulele. chris bought it for me for our anniversary. i have been wanting one for a few months now and have just been putting it off. i'm really terrible at it but it is super fun with a side of frustration at times. i have been learning how to play "happy birthday to you" which is going pretty well, but forget about putting multiple fingers on different chords for the same note. i guess, my hands after setting stones and being scrunched up for the last ten years don't really want to spread out and dance alone :O) i guess a ton of practice and maybe a few lessons will push me along a bit. in the mean time, chris and i will continue to crack each other up with some really bad but way hilarious lyrics about each other and other funny stuff that we encounter everyday. thanks babe, for giving me something that will continue to broaden and continue our laugh track :O) laura freeman and her song "orange" off of her color wheel album is what inspired me to want a ukulele. she sang it for me at the handmade austin women show over the summer.

below is a picture of me giving "happy birthday" a whirl......



one of my favorite pics. of chris and i.  we were on our way to sun valley, idaho for an art festival a couple summers ago.  we decided it would be great to camp out of the back of our truck the whole way there and back.  hahahahahaah!!!  we did have a great time, but we haven't done that again since then :O)  this photo was taken after i decided that i wanted to get in the back, stretch out and take a nap.  boy, was i mistaken.  this is not like back when i was seven and my sister and i would travel in the back of the truck with all of our cool new games mom and dad bought us, describe the images we saw in the paint splotches on the ceiling of the camper shell and nap to our little hearts content.  nope, not the same gig.  after about fifteen minutes of driving thru a little town thru all the stoplights i was completely over it.  so i knocked on the glass, since the truck doesn't have the ever so handy sliding window that pops had and chris laughed at was really funny!!!!  happy 4th babe!!!